Red Tea Photography | Meet Me


Welcome! If you're here you probably want to know a little about who you're working with.

So here we go!


About Alexis:

-I'm extremely outgoing! Do you feel weird in front of the camera? Leave it to me to make you forget it's even there...I'm FULL of terrible jokes and fun games to make sure you're at your most natural.


-I specialize in flash (& natural light if appropriate) photography. I have a lot of gear, and I know how to use it. I can shoot anywhere, any time, any place.


-I have a BA in Photography (and a Women's Studies Certificate), am a member of PPA, CVWP, and am fully insured. I specialize in fine art and I also NEVER. STOP. LEARNING.




(Ok, boring stuff over.)



-I'm a redhead (aka majestic human unicorn)! Scientifically this means I'm basically a mutant (MC1R gene, look it up!). My only superpower, however, is draining batteries...which is actually a really disappointing super-power. Professor X will not be knocking down my door any time soon.


-I'm addicted to coffee, peanut M&M's, and anything bunny related.


-I am the proud mother of 5 furry babies (3 cats - Faye Wray, Shingo, & Orangie; 2 rabbits - Frankie & Harry) and have an equally furry husband.


-I hate cell phones, I hate having a cell phone, and mine is on silent 99.9% of the time. I'm also not much for social media. This doesn't stop me from logging on occasionally to binge-watch videos of fluffy rabbits eating various vegetation, goats and/or llamas, and old women getting their epic old-lady dance on. I aspire to be as happy as all of them.


-Because of my cell-phone aversion I'm really bad at using them, so I will probably fat-face hang-up on you at least once. I'm sorry in advance.


-When I have a camera in my hand there's a Pavlov's dog effect in which I instantly sweat like I'm running a marathon on a beach in Peru. But:


-I don't run. I don't run even if something's chasing me. Physical fitness-wise I'm basically the human equivalent of a sloth.


-I work efficiently when we're shooting, I have fun, and most importantly I make sure YOU'RE having fun! What's the point of life if you're not?!


-I travel in this line of work a LOT! Not in WI or LA? That's ok! Let's chat about a session on the road.


If you're thinking about a fine art portrait session, looking for an AWESOME wedding photographer, or just need some bunny snuggles, contact me!

I'm happy to grab a coffee (and snacks, let's be real here) to meet and go over ideas!